Malta Community Chest Fund

To whom it may concern,

This used to be the official website of the Malta Community Chest Fund, Malta’s biggest charity organisation which is run by the office of the President. The Malta Community Chest Fund recently let this domain expire, by not paying the annual fee (of around €15).

ANYONE could have bought this, and he/she could have had it redirect to ANYTHING, from a fraudulent charity site, to adult/inappropriate content. Just imagine, the official website of our mostly beloved charity site linking to an adult site.

I saw this domain in the auctions, and decided to buy it, simply to make sure that nobody else does. Instead, I will eventually be turning this into a charity site, with features about more Maltese charities.

I really hope that the relevant authorities get my message, and that we stop letting go of the “small insignificant details”, as these reflect highly on the way we are running this country in the bigger picture.

A concerned Maltese Citizen